Surprising Myths That Are Deep-Rooted in Our Society as “True”

Have you ever heard the expression, “Oh, that's an old wives tale?” Of course, you have. Who hasn't?

Nonetheless, it informs a person speaking false information, commonly misspoken, that it's not the truth. For example, you don't have to wait an hour to go swimming after you eat.

A Redditor asked what myths were deep-rooted, and Reddit responded to deliver this list of common myths. 

Roboroman2 stated, “This one is technically true, but it's misunderstood. Yes, it's true that we only use about 10% of our brains at a time, but that's because we don't use it all at once."

Humans Use 10% Of Their Brains

"It's like how you only use a few keys of a keyboard at once. Using 100% of our brain would be like pressing every key on a keyboard simultaneously.”

randomanon1109 said, “Pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps was intended as an absurd and impossible act, not a goal.”

Hard Work Brings Wealth

Redditor tickingkitty answered, “The Daddy Long Legs is the most venomous spider in the world but can't penetrate our skin. The truth is, the venom is pretty weak, and it can penetrate the skin.”

Daddy Long Legs

Reddit user the-cosmic-kraken nominated, “Shaving your hair makes it grow back darker and thicker.” User mozzarella_lady added, “I've had several people insist this is true because they experienced it.”

Shaving Hair Makes It Grow Back Thicker

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