Tales (or Rather Tails!) from the Road – A Year of House Sitting as a Nomad

My very first house sit was in the Central Valley of California. It was March 2021, and I had just made the big decision to give up my apartment of 20 years in San Diego. 

It wasn't my first experience as a house and pet sitter, but it was my first one for a stranger- someone I had never met before entrusting me with their most precious assets – their home and their pets – in this case, their two dogs. 

I had only met them on video chat and the phone- and applied through a website called House Sitters of America. 

It was about a 7-hour drive from San Diego, and I remember choosing it because I thought it would be on the way to Oregon, where I had decided to spend some time going nomadic. 

As it turns out, I decided not to leave until summer, so this was just a road trip up Interstate 5 to the Central Valley. It would be the first of many house sits I have undertaken in the year, allowing me to move around and “live” rent-free for over a year. 

I am not even sure where the idea first came into my head for house sitting. My goal was to live and work while traveling at the same time. 

Unfortunately, my plans to go abroad went awry because of the pandemic. People in my world were skeptical and didn't understand. 

Nonetheless, I persisted and, in that time, I have experienced challenges, learned new skills, humorous moments, and most importantly, lots of pet cuddles! 

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