What Is The Most Visually Stunning Film You Know?

A Redditor recently posted a new thread asking for any films that push the envelope in terms of their visual appeal. Posted in the Subreddit r/MovieSuggestions, the thread attracted a multitude of responses, ranging from the well-known to the outright obscure.

So, here are a few great titles for unleashing on the home cinema — with blankets and popcorn, of course.

In this bizarre, beautiful, atmospheric movie by British director, Jonathan Glazer movie, Scarlett Johansson plays an alien with a difference. Her aim is to find as many human bodies as possible as an offering to her master entity.

Under The Skin (2013)

The greatest thing about this movie is director Terry Gilliam's scant disregard for visual norms. The viewer is catapulted into one of the all-time great hallucinogenic roller-coaster rides.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

The greatest thing about this film is how smooth the scenes are. The shots are well-crafted, moving along long tracks and wide jibs, with the backdrop of the desert adding almost Biblical weight to the incredible story about an oil baron's descent into madness.

There Will Be Blood (2007)

David Lynch's darkly absurd, noirish psychological horror film has become a cult movie and it demonstrates David Lynch in all his weird glory.

Blue Velvet (1986)

Mel Gibson has had an incredible career as both an actor and director. His epic historical film about the Mayans is both shocking and mindblowing in its scale, with scenes that are staggering in their ambition.

Apocalypto (2006)

Of course, Wes Anderson had to make the cut in this list purely because his movies always look incredible. His surreal comedy-drama set in a 1930s hotel in the fictional eastern European country of Zubrowka is a thing of cartoonish beauty.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2011)

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