10 TV Finales Were So Terrible, They Ruined Our Lives

Nothing is worse than dedicating hours of your life to a gripping story, only to be let down by the finale. Ok, shows being canceled without climaxes may be worse. But I digress.

A Redditor asked, “What is the worst tv show finale you've ever seen?” Here are the top ten-voted answers.

How I Met Your Mother

One user posted, ” It was my favorite show ever from day one. The dumb ‘twist' was sickening enough that I haven't watched it since.”


One user posted, “A frickin lumberjack!?!” TheGoogJudgeHolden said, “I felt so betrayed. I still haven't ever put as much trust in a show since. The cheesiest of ‘escapes' in TV show history. It's like they didn't even try.”


One Redditor said, “I, like an idiot, got talked into watching and became obsessed with getting answers that did not exist. I hope that confession serves as a humble reward.”


Emilydm jokes, “He looks at the camera, and it just st…” Klsi832 continues, “…ops because he was shot and killed by Members Only guy coming out of the bathroom. You probably never even hear it coming.”

Two and a Half Men

One analyst at IGN stated, “I don't think I could come up with a worse ending than a faceless Charlie Harper walking up to the front doorstep of Alan's home, a grand piano falling on his head.”

Nurse Jackie

One user said, “That was a truly painful ending.” Another user states, “She gets completely lit in a bathroom at a closing party. Then she walks out before her family and friends before keeling over dead from an overdose.”

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