The 10 Worst Hallmark Christmas Movies of All Time

Hallmark Christmas movies are a staple of anyone's holiday season. 

There are so many of them that they can't possibly all be winners. Most of them are heartwarming, romantic, and sometimes even steamy. But others are just straight-up cringe and predictable.

As the *unoriginal* title suggests, the main character Holly Grant, asks for a boyfriend for Christmas from a mall Santa. The weird part is that she asked when she was just 13 years old.

10. A Boyfriend for Christma

Rob Morrow plays Harry Mills, a guardian angel, in this cheesy movie. He is tasked with changing Addie's (Britt Irvin) perspective on life. Addie's father passed away, and she moved home to be with her mother and finish school.

9. Debbie Macomber's Mr. Miracle

If you're an avid watcher of Christmas movies, this plot will sound suspiciously familiar. Dan Ryebeck (Ethan Erickson) is unemployed and unable to afford gifts for his kids for the holiday.

8. Santa Switch

Hallmark loves making royal romance Christmas movies. Because of the channel's already impressive catalog of unexpected royal romances, Christmas at the Palace seems unnecessary, with an extra amount of cringe-worthy predictability.

7. Christmas at the Palace

Christmas Song follows two teachers who are vying for the position of music teacher after their two schools merge. They end up making music acts in a Christmas song competition that the town gets to see.

6. Christmas Song

Mingle All the Way is about Molly, who designs an app called, you guessed it, Mingle All the Way, which is supposed to help businesspeople get dates to networking events, so they aren't judged for not having a romantic partner.

5. Mingle All the Way

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