The 12 Best Superhero-Themed Songs for Your Superhero Playlist

Nerdy cool rappers, nerdy cool punk rockers, J-pop icons and doomy metallers alike have swung with Spider-Man and smashed with Hulk. 

Behold, true believers! A list of the superest songs that have ever supered, from undefeatable to even more undefeatable than that. 

Joe Satriani, “Surfing With the Alien”

The title track features Satriani’s full panoply of wah-wah whammy and fretboard fire, while the production of high gloss 80s chrome and stiff New Age drums heralds a giant Galactus future of kerosene and crackle. 

Roy Clark Method, “Sector 2814”

The Macon, GA band recorded many songs about superheroes, including “Bizarro Me” (about the Superman villain) and “Big Red Cheese” (about DC’s Captain Marvel.) This 2004 not-remotely-a-hit is their masterpiece though. 

Chelsea Wolfe, “Diana”

Drums trudge as Wolfe moans “Flowers of light/Behind my eyes/Evil in the night/To keep me high/Powers, I’m so tired.” You can just about feel those bracelets dragging her down and the weight of the tiara. But you don’t want to be in the way of a Wonder Woman who screeches like that. 

Ghostface Killah, “Slept on Tony”

The hip-hop appeal of playboy Tony with the money, the girls, the quick wit, and the superpowers, is clear enough. Cole’s song, complete with its horn samples like repulsor blasts, appeared in the 2008 Iron Man movie.