The 23 Coolest RPG and DnD Dice Sets for Tabletop Gaming

Dungeon Masters and Adventurers alike all know that one of the most essential parts of playing Dungeons & Dragons is having the perfect set of DnD dice.

Whether you're a new player looking to snag your inaugural set or an avid collector, you're bound to find your perfect fit in this mega list of RPG and DnD Dice sets.

A pioneer of the role-playing game (RPG) industry, the world of Dungeons & Dragons has massively expanded over the year

The Ruby Ziosite Stone dice are a crystalized mix of green and gold pigmentation accented with bright gold engraving.

Ruby Ziosite Stone Dice

Red Tiger Eye Stone Dice

As if it were built in the fires of Mordor, the sleek Red Tiger Eye Stone Dice set is sure to grab your attention with its dark mystery. The stone is darkened with red hues, adorned with gold engraving, and boasts a polished finish.

Giving a nod to ancient Greece, these Peace Jade Stone Dice are stunning.  This DnD dice set boasts multiple tones of grey and white marble and gold numbers making this eye-catching set worthy of Zeus himself.

Peace Jade Stone Dice

The deep, bright coloring and the black ingrained numbers of the Blue Turquoise Dice truly make them a statement piece that stands out from the competition.

Blue Turquoise Stone Dice

As if it came straight from King Triton's underwater castle, this Purple Flourite Stone Dice Set provides beautiful natural tones of purples, greens, and blues.

Purple Fluorite Stone Dice

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