The 4 Words Far Too Many People Forget To Say In Interview

Between countless hours spent scrolling through job listings, perfecting your LinkedIn summary, and drafting cover letters, it takes no shortage of effort just to secure the interview. 

And once you do make it to that first round, a hiring manager's decision ultimately rests just as much on what you say as it does on your skills. 

But what you don't say in the interview matters, too. Surprisingly enough, between reciting strengths and weaknesses and phrasing salary expectations in a palatable way, many people are forgetting to say four words that can actually make or break their odds. 

They are: “I want this job.” 

It's important to explicitly say that you want the job in order to appeal to the hiring manager, not only because it makes for a nice doorway into answering interview heavy hitters like “Why do you want to work here?” 

These four words also leave little doubt in the interviewer's mind as to your enthusiasm for the role. And the last thing you want is for the hiring manager to be asking themselves after the interview: “Do they really even want to work here?”