The 5 Best (Musician Approved!) Gifts for Guitar Player Story

With the holiday season approaching quicker than most of us would like, I asked my husband what he would like for Christmas.

He is a musician, so shopping for him can be a task. We got together and came up with a list of the top 5 things he thought would make for great holiday or birthday gifts for the guitar or bassist in your life.

1. Guitar Care/ Luthier Tool

The first is not flashy and exciting but a ‘must have’ for a guitar or bass player. Having your instrument properly set up with action and intonation will not only make playing more comfortable but will make your tuning stability/tone more pleasing.

2. Tab & Music Book

I know that everything is going digital, but sometimes having the physical item in front of you is just so much more rewarding.

3. Guitar/Bass Amp Sim

A few years ago, the idea of suggesting software guitar/bass amp simulators would have been instantly laughed out of the room. The advancement simulators have made in a short time is impressive and now provides an inexpensive tool you can use for inspiration, recording, testing amp sounds before purchasing the real thing, or even gigging (although you would need extra equipment for live applications).

4. Guitar Kit

As far as I’m concerned, a great gift is something that can keep you busy and teach you something new.

5. Guitar Cab Kit

The final and top choice of the list is a product my husband purchased a while back and really loved the experience. He bought a 2×12 cabinet kit from Implicit Audio, a newer small business based out of Toronto, Canada.

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