The Air Travel Dilemma: Is There an Alternative?

Take it or Leave it?

Traveling has never been trickier. A teacher finds herself stranded in California, unable to return to New York City. Why? There aren't enough staff members at LaGuardia to receive the airplane.

On his way to Fort Lauderdale, a wedding guest finds his plane rerouted to Miami to refuel. They are on the ground waiting for clearance to fly to Fort Lauderdale for six hours before the flight is just canceled, and the pilot says, politely enough, “Well… we tried.”

Wealth of Geeks spoke with some industry insiders and real families to learn how they navigate cumbersome travel practices.

How Can You Make Air Travel Work for You?

While these hacks are great, they only work if the plane is actually going to leave the airport. With so many delays and cancellations, can a family trust the airport to deliver them to their long-awaited vacation?

What if the Planes Won't Fly?

Planning a family vacation can be a daunting financial endeavor, and not being able to trust the airline to get you to your chosen destination means some families have to seek out alternative methods of travel.

Landscapes, Leg Room, and No Lines: Train Travel Has Its Perk

“If a train is available, then that's always going to be an easier and less stressful way to get from A to B,” Tim Leffel told Wealth of Geeks. Tim is the author of The World's Cheapest Destinations, and he has been studying travel hacks his entire career.

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