The Art of Flipping: How to Flip Cars and Items Successfully

Mixing Business and Pleasure

I'm pleased to announce a new feature for the blog: Real People Success Stories. These are real people who have achieved financial success on average incomes.

You will not find in this Series are IT professionals, Engineers, Lawyers, and Physicians making six-figure salaries.

You won't find bloggers or people trying to sell eCourses or books; these are real blue-collar people.

So, let's get started. How did you get started in flipping?

I started flipping back when I was a teenager. I grew up in a very low-income family. I had no money. There were no clothes, no food, and I had to fight for myself so that I would go to the junkyard.

So then I am 14 years old now, and my next-door neighbor passed away. She came home and said, “Normie, you want to buy Pa's car?” Sure! I'm already driving at 14 years old, a different car.

How did you get started flipping cars?

That was in June, and that would have been 19'… '58 or '59. So, that led to “Hey, there's money in cars. I would go through town looking for cars for sale; I'd buy them, bring them back, clean them, clean the inside, put a For Sale sign out.

Okay. And a little bit of context. When was that? 

From 14 years old, I was a hustler, and that turned into parts. Box scrap, fender skirts, Teardrop, or the spotlights put on cars, the metal visors over that cars.

Oh wow.

Yes. So before the internet, how did you find items to buy and resell or cars to flip? It was all by word of mouth going down to Hershey, going down to Carlisle, going to New York, Pennsylvania, and going to Elizabethtown in Virginia. New Jersey.

Now so this would have been before the internet?

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