The Batman Movie to Take on NFTs in Gotham City

The world is waiting to see Robert Pattinson play Batman, and now they can line up for NFTs, too. AMC Entertainment has partnered with Warner Bros. for the upcoming “The Batman” movie to mint a limited edition movie-themed NFT collection.

The Bat and the Cat are about to be commemorated on the blockchain. The digital collectibles are reserved for moviegoers who attend the flick between March 1-6.

To secure an NFT, you must purchase your ticket to The Batman movie, either on the AMC website or via the app, by Feb. 14. AMC will introduce 16 unique versions of the Batman NFT, each boasting its rarity level. NFTs are taking on various forms lately, including 3D art, music, and videos.

AMC might want to consider minting an NFT of Pattinson's Batman voice. In an interview with GQ, the actor revealed that it was “really hard to get into an artificially lower register,” especially for long dialogues that accompany the flick.

It stands to reason that a rare talking Batman NFT would be a sensation.

Two of the biggest gripes about NFTs are high transaction fees and energy consumption, which are associated with the Ethereum blockchain.