The Best Black Horror Movies Since ‘Get Out’

The box office proved Get Out to be a hit, beginning a wave of studio attempts to recapture what it did so well and opening doors for many Black filmmakers.

Far too many films to count released post-Get Out wish to use horror to explore Black narratives, and most largely fail. Check out these Black horror movies that mostly get it right.

The Blackening (2023)

While most films on this list deal with navigating Black trauma seriously, it's always nice to have movies that can express horror alongside laughter. Black joy is essential, and The Blackening strikes a good balance.

The Obituary of Tunde Johnson (2019)

Poor Tunde Johnson gets trapped in a time loop, forced to relive the same day over and over as he tries to figure out how to get it right.

Master (2022)

While the story isn't the tightest, with so much to juggle, the film impacts thematically, marking it as a successful directorial debut for Mariama Diallo.

Bad Hair (2020)

The film plays on the tropes of Black hair as unprofessional and ideas of respectability politics. Though the story makes some unnecessary ties to slavery that almost bring the film down, it offers an absurdly good time when at its best.

Ma (2019)

Ma gives Octavia Spencer a perfect vehicle to let loose. Known a long career appearing as side characters and in more esteemed films like The Help and Fruitvale Station, this unconventional horror puts Spencer in a lead role unlike any she's ever done.

The First Purge (2018)

Although The First Purge is the 4th Purge film, it is the first film in the series not directed by the franchise's creator. Instead, Black director Gerard McMurray takes the helm, and rightfully so.

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