The Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies in Pennsylvania

Suppose you're a Pennsylvania driver looking for cheap car insurance.  

In that case, we have great news for you right out of the gate: Pennsylvania drivers already pay less than the national average for their car insurance.

The average yearly premium in Pennsylvania is $1,266, which is 17%, or $263 a year, cheaper than the national average. But what if you're looking for rates that are even cheaper than that?

There's good news there, too — your premiums can get lower still, and this article will help you find out how.

Top Three Auto Insurance Companies in Pennsylvania

USAA which has some of the highest marks in The Zebra's Customer Satisfaction Survey, and a score of 896 / 1,000 from JD Power as of 2021.

NJM a regional carrier operating in Pennsylvania and environs, with an 867 / 1000 from JD Power.

Erie which scored an 856, just behind NJM.

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