The Best Female Wrestlers of the 2000s, Ranked

Women's wrestling hit critical mass in the 2000s. As WWE’s Attitude Era transitioned into the company’s Ruthless Aggression Era, far more women found themselves on-screen compared to previous decades.

From iconic Attitude Era stars to revolutionary TNA performers, here are the best female wrestlers of the 2000s, ranked from best to worst.

Trish Stratus

Along with Lita, she’s largely responsible for reshaping WWE’s women’s division, building fan interest in female matches from the late Attitude Era onwards.


The definition of extreme, she was ready and willing to perform dangerous stunts virtually no other wrestler would even dare to think of at the time, showing the world that women could be just as hardcore as men when it came to death-defying antics in the ring.


While most of Chyna’s time was relegated to a handful of storylines with Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero, her 2000s run with WWE left a lasting impression on audience members in the decades to come.

Gail Kim

Using a variety of offensive and defensive styles – including high-flying attacks, submission holds, and suplexes – it’s impossible to overstate how important Kim was in growing TNA’s product during the promotion’s formative years.

Molly Holly

From appearing in comedic stables like the Holly Cousins to portraying a self-aggrandizing heel, Molly Holly was able to do it all – a true testament to her adaptability, charisma, and undeniable skills in the ring.


Arguably one of the best female heels of the 2000s, her influence on similarly vain, self-obsessed wrestlers like Michelle McCool and Angelina Love is perfectly plain to see.

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