Looking for Free Video Editing Software?

Here are the Best Options

Companies can afford to spend thousands outsourcing their videomaking to professionals, but regular folks trying to create epic videos for social media and YouTube don’t have that luxury.

However, a few free video editing software options will allow users to create high-quality videos like professionals. Here are the best ones.


Blender allows you to edit audio, cut frames, insert objects and words, and change your background. It also allows you to add animations, change frame speeds, and splice video.

Windows Video Editor

Windows Video Editor is easy to use and ideal for hobbyists who don’t need the host of tools Blender offers. It allows users to change the duration of clips, add multiple clips together, and even add text and animation to videos.

Much like Blender, it has a steep learning curve but offers a wide range of functionality. A bonus of Davinci Resolve is the abundance of training resources available directly on the Black Magic Design website.

DaVinci Resolve


Lightworks markets itself as ideal for Hollywood filmmakers and those who want to produce high-quality movies. The free version of Lightworks has a lot of functionality for beginners and hobbyists. It allows users to cut and edit videos and includes basic transitions.

One great feature of Hitfilm Express is the drag and drop tool, which allows you to drop clips into existing videos. The drag and drop feature makes combining video clips simple.

Hitfilm Express


Openshot offers a host of video editing tools. The platform allows users to trim videos, add visual effects, and add text titles. The software is easy to use with drag and drop functionality.

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