The All-Time Best James Bond Villains

There are so many strong tropes associated with James Bond that earned the franchise such an iconic place in mainstream pop culture. 

There’s the now-famous James Bond theme song, the several incarnations of the character played by multiple different actors, and the numerous best-selling songs performed by some of the greatest artists of all time.

However, perhaps the biggest contribution the James Bond franchise has ever made to pop culture is 007’s famous villains, all of whom are nearly popular as the international super-spy himself — if not more so. 

Alec Trevelyan

A former 00 agent and one of Bond's best friends, Trevelyan faked his death and formed the Janus crime syndicate, an international organization of arms dealers. 

Max Zorin

Like fellow entrants on this list, Francisco Scaramanga, Elliot Carver, Dr. No, Renard, and Elektra King, Max Zorin is a key example of a great villain who unfortunately finds himself in an otherwise underwhelming Bond film.  

Elliot Carver

Tomorrow Never Die‘s Elliot Carver is an interesting character on this list — namely because his plan is so ridiculous and over the top, even by Bond movie standards.