The Best Movies on HBO Max

Thanks to HBO’s partnerships with standout companies and networks like TCM, Studio Ghibli, and DC, the service has an absolutely stacked selection of films you’re able to choose from.

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic black and white monster movie from the ‘30s, a beloved anime film from Hayao Miyazaki, or a recent blockbuster from this past summer, there’s no end to the number of great films you’re able to choose from.

No scene is wasted, no character meaningless or without some purpose in the plot. It’s a fun and unique horror movie, offering a refreshing change of pace from the usual slew of jump scare-heavy horror movies out there.

Horror: Barbarian

More firmly rooted in the horror genre than his previous comedic outing with Shaun of the Dead, Last Night in Soho is an homage-filmed Giallo delight perfect for ‘60s enthusiasts and horror fans alike.

Mystery: Last Night in Soho

With District 9, Blomkamp uses the topic of aliens to analyze racism, xenophobia, and classism — disturbingly juxtaposed with South Africa’s long history of apartheid and racial injustice.

Sci-Fi: District 9

Composed of a single setting, a single character, and 90% dialogue, Locke feels like a cinematic experiment. Despite its lack of action, the movie’s sharp dialogue and Hardy’s abundance of charisma carry the film to glorious heights.

Drama: Locke

Bob’s Burgers is a universally beloved animated sitcom in its own right, enjoying mainstream success comparable to The Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park before it.

Comedy: The Bob’s Burgers Movie

In an ironic twist for a vampire movie, as the credits roll, you genuinely are moved by a desire to live, whether it means traveling, hearing new music, or reading some books that have been collecting dust on your shelf for far too long.

Romance: Only Lovers Left Alive

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