The Best Movies To See in Theaters – New Movies Out Now Nov 3rd

The beginning of November is always a strange time. The Halloween decorations are barely off the porch and back into storage, and yet entire stations are playing Christmas music 24/7.

With the start of the month, too, the movie industry similarly enters a weird time of year, lacking the frights that come with Halloween-centric horror movies as well as the good-natured cheer that comes with Christmas movies.

Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of notable movies to look forward to this weekend, like the excellent crime film Missing, the anime extravaganza One Piece Film: Red, and the illuminating documentary Salvatore: Shoemaker of Dreams.

Since first appearing in print back in 1997, One Piece has become one of the best and longest-running manga and anime series in the world of pop culture. Now, One Piece fans can rejoice at seeing the fifteenth latest film related to the franchise — One Piece Film: Red — arriving in theaters.

One Piece Film: Red

Cinematic depictions of possessions are practically a genre unto themselves at this point. This Friday, horror fans will be able to see the newest arrival to this very niche subgenre in the form of Prey for the Devil.

Prey for the Devil

Cynics will have you believe the DCEU is pretty much dead in the water at this point. And while that may sadly be true, the folks at DC still seem to have a few tricks up their sleeves, including the long-awaited superhero film, Black Adam.

Black Adam

It’s difficult to say for sure whether Halloween Ends will actually be the last Halloween (just think of all the Friday the 13th movies that seemed to spell the end of the franchise). But either way, Halloween Ends seems like it might be the last one that original director John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Nick Castle will be attached to.

Halloween End

What happened to Emmett Till will forever be one of the darkest chapters in our country’s bleak history. His wrongful death was nothing short of a national tragedy — as was the acquittal of the cowards who killed him.


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