The Best Movies To See in Theaters – New Movies Out Now

As quick as it came, October is already on its way out. After all, Halloween is only a week and a half away, and the winter holiday supplies are already lining the shelves of every Target, Walmart, and Costco from New York to California.

However, the end of October doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of new movies to get excited about. In fact, this coming weekend will see the release of several new films for practically every moviegoer imaginable.

Cynics will have you believe the DCEU is pretty much dead in the water at this point. And while that may sadly be true, the folks at DC still seem to have a few tricks up their sleeves, including the long-awaited superhero film, Black Adam.

Black Adam

It’s difficult to say for sure whether Halloween Ends will actually be the last Halloween (just think of all the Friday the 13th movies that seemed to spell the end of the franchise).

Halloween End

What happened to Emmett Till will forever be one of the darkest chapters in our country’s bleak history.


Terrifier 2 is one of those rare films that not only matches the quality of the original movie it’s meant to follow — it actually surpasses it.

Terrifier 2

With its stacked cast, Amsterdam immediately brings to mind other star-studded ensemble pieces from the decades prior.


An ambitious and awe-inspiring psychological drama, Tár is at once an acting tour de force for star Cate Blanchett, as well as an engrossing meditation on power, art, and Ahab-levels of obsession.


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