The Best Movies To See in Theaters – New Movies Out Now

Looking ahead, there are films for practically every movie fan out there to look forward to — from slasher sequels to arthouse releases.

These releases include the thirteenth entry in the famed Halloween franchise, Halloween Ends, and the gutwrenching new historical drama, Till.

Reviews for Halloween Ends have been mixed to positive. While some critics criticized the film’s generic slasher tropes (as well as remaining divided over an ending they considered perplexing), most believed it was nevertheless a satisfying conclusion to the Halloween franchise.

Halloween Ends

In Till, viewers examine the circumstances surrounding the 14-year-old youth’s death, the immediate response to his murder, and the effect it had on the US’s budding Civil Rights Movement.


Darker, funnier, and far more violent than the first Terrifier, Terrifier 2 is a slasher fan’s ultimate dream: a more than entertaining sequel in a genre that’s steeped with disappointing movies.

Terrifier 2

While it would seem that a movie with as massive a cast as Amsterdam’s is destined for success, though, the finished product shows that not even the most talented actors can elevate an already weak script.


The premise for Tár might seem a bit dry or pretentious, but critics have universally hailed the film for its story, themes, and the performances of its lead cast (especially Blancett).


Reviews for Bros have been extremely positive so far, critics praising the film’s incorporation of gay individuals and the movie’s hilarious script. It’s not only a great movie, but an important one as well — hopefully setting a standard for representation in modern romance films for the future.


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