10 Times Popular TV Shows Broke Out in Song With Musical Episode

These are musical episodes of shows that are otherwise not musicals. That means no Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, no Smash, no Glee. They’re shows with fine episodes—well, some of them have good episodes—but if a show’s whole point is being a musical doing it well should be the norm. 

We aren’t talking shows with just one song. That time they sang Midnight Train to Georgia on 30 Rock, and other shows that did something similar, therefore are not eligible. 

Batman: The Brave and the Bold: “Mayhem of the Music Meister!”

In the episode in question, The Music Meister (Neil Patrick Harris) comes to town and seizes control of the populace through his powers of musical mind control. 

Community: “Regional Holiday Music”

Featuring an excellent Claymation sequence and the show’s mix of the heartfelt and cynical, this is a year-round delight that plays even better in December. 

The Flash: “Duet”

Like the best episodes of the CW’s superhero shows, it’s over the top silly fun. 

Fringe: “Brown Betty”

While Walter would have a lot farther to go to be fully redeemed on the series, this seeming one-off episode gave us reason to hope for that possibility for the first time.