The 10 Best Spider-Man Comic Villains and Advisories

Spider-Man has long had one of the greatest, most unique lineup of villains in the entire comic book medium. 

Like all the best villains, Spider-Man's many adversaries possess their own distinct personalities, superhuman abilities, and “gimmicks” that helped propel the famous wall-crawler into becoming the beloved and popular superhero that we know today. 

Green Goblin

Few villains have managed to get into Spider-Man's head quite as successfully as Osborn, including the now-notorious comic issue that saw him kill Parker's girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, right in front of him. 

Doctor Octopus

A huge cult favorite among Spider-Man fans, he’s now considered among Spider-Man's “big three” villains and one of the most famous antagonists in all of the comic book medium. 


Originally a parasitic life form known as the Symbiote, Spider-Man first encounters the organism that would become Venom on an alien planet in Marvel's Secret Wars storyline. 


Easily the darkest villain to appear on this list, Carnage is also likely the most intense and downright terrifying antagonist Spider-Man has ever had to battle.