The Best Textbook Resources According to Reddit

Thankfully, there are many online resources nowadays that can help you get textbooks for free! 

Reddit is one such resource. Here are some of the best Reddit-free textbooks communities and resources that could help you save money in school. Ready to dive into some homework without breaking the bank? Let's get right into it.

Reddit Free Textbooks: Best Subreddit Resource

Created in 2009, r/Textbooks is a subreddit dedicated to all things textbooks-related. You'll be able to exchange physical textbooks with other users, get recommendations for certain textbooks for your classes, and (of course) get digital textbooks.


The great thing is that if you happen to need a textbook that they don't have, you can make a post requesting the textbook with details, and the community will do everything they can to help you out!

With over 83k members, r/Scholar is about as legit as a subreddit can get. This subreddit is dedicated to requesting and sharing specific academic articles (as well as e-books) from various databases.


When you want to find a textbook, you'll make a post “requesting” it, and then later, if somebody happens to find an online copy, they'll make a post with the tag “found.”

One thing to note is that most of the books requested on this subreddit are “scholarly” and high-level (usually research papers and studies performed by graduate or Ph.D. students).

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