The Best 28 Travel Gear Items For Your Adventures

With the right clothing and accessories, you can travel in style. 

Whether it's a quick getaway or a long flight, we have compiled some essential travel items that will make any trip more enjoyable. 

Here is our ultimate list of travel gear and other items to pack before hitting the road. 

ChargeCard by AquaVault

This ultra-thin portable charger is powerful and easily slips into your wallet. It comes with a variety of charging cables for both Apple and Android devices. 


Pocketalk is a voice translator that converses in 82 different languages. Many people have google translate on their phone but we found Pocketalk is easier to use and translates better. 

FlightFūd’s Flight Elixir

Flight Elixir helps to reduce travel bloat, gas, and indigestion, restore energy and manage jet lag, support circulation, immunity, and hydration.