The Best TV Shows of 2021

There’s been no shortage of fantastic, binge-worthy TV shows that aired this year or began streaming exclusively on any one of the latest streaming platforms online. 

With the end of 2021 in sight, we thought we’d look back at all those comfort shows we watched and rewatched in 2021, ranging from comedic murder mysteries to a certain Netflix show that was all anyone talked about for weeks on end. 

Only Murders in the Building

Only Murders is both a fun comedy and an intriguing thriller between the three main stars, blending the two genres in one seamless, incredibly entertaining way. 


Invincible takes the tired superhero narrative and adds a dramatic, dark spin on it, helping keep the superhero genre relevant yet not repeating any of the old stories we’ve seen repeatedly. 


Even without the outward presentation of its various meta-sitcom portrayals, WandaVision gives some much-needed development to Wanda and Vision with a great deal more depth than they’ve had in previous films.

Squid Game

It may be the most unlikely show you’d expect to see—dark and gory, but completely original and unique in its subject matter and dystopian premise.