25 Greatest Tom Hanks Performance


AEW has quickly emerged as one of the definitively biggest wrestling companies in the world. 

From experienced indie talents like MJF and Orange Cassidy to wrestlers formerly signed to WWE, NJPW, ROH, and AAA, here are the greatest wrestlers we’ve seen in AEW.

The Best Wrestlers of AEW

Taking the chance to drastically reinvent his character from his family-friendly superhero-themed presentation in WWE, Pac became AEW’s “Bastard,” a cold-blooded, merciless high-flier willing to do whatever it takes to win.

15. Pac

His time in AEW may have been a bit underwhelming so far, but with recent successes like his winning the All-Atlantic Champion and the World Trios Champion Pac seems to be finally coming into his own in the company.

The teammates of Pac in Death Triangle, The Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero M and Rey Fénix) are easily among the best and most consistently high-performing Lucha Libres in the world.

14. The Lucha Brothers

Probably the most outstanding tag team in AEW (both from a corporate standpoint and a wrestling one), The Young Bucks have played an incredibly vital role in the company both on and off-screen.

13. The Young Bucks

As the executive vice presidents of AEW along with Kenny Omega, The Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) are two of the founding members of the company, building the entire promotion from the ground up in the first place.

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