The Best Zombie Movies to Stream Right Now

Here are some of the most popular zombie movies currently streaming that you absolutely must watch. (We apologize ahead of time for the overuse of the word “dead” in the title —we didn’t name these movies!)

Night of the Living Dead

Quite possibly the greatest zombie ever, and the film that critics would later describe as the first modern zombie movie, Night of the Living Dead is a groundbreaking movie on so many levels.

28 Days Later

The film that is widely credited with reigniting interest in the zombie movie, which had stagnated a bit in the 1990s’, 2002’s 28 Days Later breathed a fresh air of life into the zombie genre.

28 Weeks Later

While it’s debatable whether 28 Weeks Later surpasses the original, you can’t deny how great a sequel it truly is — which, given how many incredibly bad horror movie sequels there are out there, is definitely an achievement in and of itself.

The Return of the Living Dead

A comedy horror film that almost parodies Romero’s zombie movies, The Return of the Living Dead tells the story of two clumsy warehouse employees who accidentally release a toxin into the air that turns whoever inhales it into zombies.

Army of the Dead

One of the most recent big-budget zombie movies to come out of Hollywood, Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead merged the heist movie with the zombie genre to create a fun, terrifying movie with nonstop action throughout.

Shaun of the Dead

The horror-comedy that helped make both its director, Edgar Wright, and its star, Simon Pegg, breakout successes, Shaun of the Dead was designed as an homage of sorts to George A. Romero’s earlier zombie films.

Train to Busan

One of the most critically acclaimed zombie movies in recent years, Train to Busan is a Korean horror movie that will leave you on the edge of your seat and literally sweating with anxiety for its entire two-hour runtime.

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