The Bridgerton Wishlist: Must-Have’s for Season 2 and Beyond

With eight books, each focusing on one of the siblings, it might seem like a natural decision to simply make each subsequent season about the next book in line and so on. But I would also argue that that’s riskier than some might realize. 

What then, O Reader, can the showrunners do to sustain public interest? As a paragon of taste in our fair society, I humbly offer my suggestions. Though be warned, fair reader, I shall not make any effort to conceal from you any details savoury or sordid.

Translation: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Combine books 2 and 3 into one season

While neither of these books are enough to make a full season on their own without rehashing things we’ve seen before, combining them into one season would actually illustrate how similar the two brothers are, despite appearances to the contrary. 

A redemption arc for Miss Penelope Featherington

Future seasons need to show Penelope putting in the work to make right what she did, so that by the time we get to her season, viewers of the show love her just as much as book readers do. 

Scrap the plot of book 5 entirely

It goes very dark very fast when readers realize Marina didn’t die of physical illness, but rather suffered from depression for years before taking her own life. 

Set up the last three books much sooner

The final three books in the series, Francesca’s When He Was Wicked, Hyacinth’s It’s In His Kiss and Gregory’s On The Way To The Wedding feel the most disassociated from the rest of the series.