The Buzz Around Bitcoin:

Why 2022 May Be The Year to Invest

There are several notable reasons for adding Bitcoin to your list of investments for 2022.

Over 15,000 businesses now accept the currency as legal tender, including big names like Microsoft and AT&T.

It is Still the Most Popular Cryptocurrency

Its massive size shows how well-established the currency is and speaks to some level of stability. Since Bitcoin’s price is so high, it's unlikely ever to see the coin crumble and fade away to nothing.

High Market Capitalization

Experts Predict Long-term Price to Go Up

Many experts believe the coin will climb to over $100,000 soon. While no one is willing to establish a timeline for this feat, most speculate that Bitcoin will achieve these record highs this year.

Bitcoin has undoubtedly seen its highs and lows since its inception in 2009. Even while in a dip at present, the currency far surpasses its value when it all started.

It May Be a Good Time to Buy the Dip

Bitcoin has enormous upswing potential, but not everything about the currency is positive.

Picking up even a single Bitcoin at its current rate far exceeds even one share of the most expensive stock on the market. Well into the tens of thousands of dollars range, this cryptocurrency comes with a healthy sticker shock.

Cost Per Coin

Market Volatility

At the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin dropped by $2,000 on a single day in June. Such variability can scare away investors, especially those looking for short-term gains.

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