Destination Distilleries in Every State

An experience at a distillery will help you learn more about the process of making the liquor, provide an opportunity to try different flavors and unique craft cocktails. 


The state has a ton of distillery options to choose from. There’s even a distillery tour you can take to visit them all! However, the one that seems to stand out the most is  Dread River Distilling Company in Birmingham. It was recently ranked in the top 10 by USA Today.


Alaska has a huge list of distilleries to choose from if you should ever visit (who knew!). However one stands around amongst the group: Port Chilkoot Distillery.


Another state with many options to choose from, but here we’ll highlight the Elgin Distillery, whose extra-aged rum eglao de Vida Ron Imperial was ranked best in the world as of 2019. 


A distillery with some historical value, Rock Town Distillery in Little Rock was founded in 2010 and is the first legal distillery of any kind in Arkansas since prohibition. They are unique in that their whiskey is truly local.


California has a ton of distillery options as of late. No matter what your preferred alcohol, there is a distillery for it in the sunshine state. However, the one that makes the cut here is Green Bar Distillery.


There are over 60 distilleries in Colorado, but the one that makes this list? Breckenridge Distillery. This is because it’s the highest distillery by elevation in the world, sitting at over 9600 ft above sea level.


Litchfield Distillery is relatively new but tours and tastings are free! With a variety of vodka and gin to choose from, there’s plenty to try. Plus they have bourbon and have been experimenting with different ways to finish their whiskeys. 

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