The Different Types of Loft Conversions:

Which One Is Right for You?

Loft conversions are a fantastic way to add value to your home – up to 20% in some cases, and add more functional space, without needing a garden or eating into your outdoor space if you do have it. 

Of course, having a loft conversion isn’t just an A to B process. There are various considerations, including the important decision as to which type of loft conversion is right for you.

Your house will dictate which conversions suit you, and your loft construction service can advise you further. Still, in the meantime, it’s smart to get an idea of the kind of designs available and which houses/ loft conversion demands they suit best.

A Velux window conversion is the easiest conversion you can have and often the cheapest, as long as the space between the floor and the roof is adequate after insulation.

Velux/ Roof Lights

They work by adding a box shape that protrudes from the middle of the roof outwards (with a flat roof) and then a vertical wall downwards towards where the guttering would be.


Hip-to-gable loft conversions are a way to work around a property with a complex pyramid-shaped roof with more roof slopes than the traditional A-shaped roof.

Hip to Gable

A Mansard conversion is where the entire roof is changed to create a huge loft conversion space. The roof on either side is adapted to be almost completely vertical, and the roof at the top is flat.


The space created by an L-shaped conversion can be extensive and used as a completely self-sufficient space with multiple rooms, an ensuite, and a kitchen/ kitchenette. 


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