The Essential Richard Madden Watchlist

You probably came out of Eternals and had plenty of actors you wanted to know more about and if one of them was Richard Madden then you're in the right place. 

Come with us throughout some of Madden's best work and see which of his movies or television shows might be the next adventure for you to go on!

Game of Thrones

Richard Madden is so good in this show that you're willing to support Robb even though his fate is one of the more popular spoilers out there about the show! 


It is completely different from the rest of Madden's work but clearly shows his talent and ability to play a wide range of colors and Bodyguard is a great addition to his filmography for fans! 


Truly a wild romantic comedy that is just filled with hilarious comedic performances as well as Richard Madden looking maybe his best, the movie is nothing like we've seen before from Richard Madden. 


The film is a look at the rise to fame that Elton John had from the 60s and on. And you might want to prepare yourself for Madden singing “Honky Cat” because it will make you scream.