The Fast Saga Endures Because It Is a Completely Unironic 21st Century Love Story

What is it that has made the Fast Saga endure over the last two decades? There’s only so much staying power that can be found in increasingly fast cars, absurd heists, and celebrity cameos.

No, the true power of the series is that it is a romance, played absolutely dead straight.

Romantic stories onscreen often fall apart due to a lack of conviction. The reason the Fast Saga has such staying power is because, beneath the noise, action, fast cars, and other distracting things that look great in the trailer, the core of the story is fundamentally a romantic one.

It’s true, the first few films in the series did fall into the “incidental love interest” trap.

In the first, The Fast and the Furious, Dom (Vin Diesel) had his not-like-other-girls girl Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) because it humanized him, not because Letty added anything to the plot.

And Brian (Paul Walker) had his doomed-for-now fling with Mia (Jordana Brewster), which did throw a wrench into Brian’s investigation but ultimately wound up not mattering in how the story paid off.

The ones that started it all. From their introduction in the first movie, they were the will-they-won’t-they. The Romeo and Juliet of the street racing world (with a much better ending).

What happens when all you want is to be together, but the stars never quite align? You get Han (Sung Kang) and Gisele (Gal Gadot).

More so than the others, Dom and Letty are the emotional and romantic heart and soul of the entire franchise.

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