The Greatest Alan Moore Comic Books 

It's no exaggeration to call Alan Moore the best writer in all of comics.

From ambitious crossovers of pre-existing Victorian characters to postmodern riffs on the superhero genre, here are some of the greatest comic books ever written by the industry legend, Alan Moore.

Miracleman (Various Artists)

Setting out to write his version of the superhero story, Moore approached the genre from a more practical perspective, asking the key question, “What would a superhero in a more realistic world look like?”

Based on that question came Moore's Miracleman, starring the middle-aged, overweight, insecure freelance reporter, Michael Moran. A former superhero who has forgotten his past life, Moran's powers are unleashed after years of inactivity when he is caught in a terrorist explosion.

Saga of the Swamp Thing (With Steve Bissette, John Totlebe, and Various Other Artists)

Based on his work with Miracleman, DC writer Len Wein offered Moore a chance to take over the writing of his character, Swamp Thing.

Moore accepted, and again managed to create one of the most endearing, popular superhero comics of his day, launching Moore into mainstream success at DC comics.

The Bojeffries Saga (With Steve Parkhouse)

Written with sharp, brutal wit, Moore's saga draws on his childhood experiences of life in Northampton, as well as incorporating elements of then-present day Thatcherian England.

V for Vendetta (With David Lloyd)

One of the best dystopian works in recent memory, Moore manages to paint a frightening portrait of government oppression and fascism with V for Vendetta, relying on minimal comic conventions and Dave Lloyd's stark, noirish art style.

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