The Innocence of Eloise in ‘Last Night In Soho’

Last Night In Soho takes us on a journey through nostalgia and teaches us one important lesson: Living in the past isn’t good for anyone. 

But what makes the movie work so well and why it stays with you long after you leave the theater is because of Eloise. 

Thomasin McKenzie stars as Eloise (or Ellie), a young fashion student who moves to London and has a connection with the spiritual world. 

Typically, she sees her mother and while it is clear that it is something that frightens her grandmother, Eloise seems to embrace this connection she has and tries to not let it stop her. 

But when school seems to be a bit much, it might be her downfall. 

Eloise is, for the most part, a very innocent character. And that innocence works to carry us through the film.