The Most Chilling Cursed Objects in Horror Movie History

Horror movies exist in myriad genres and subgenres. The haunted or cursed object film is one of the longest-running subgenres of the scary movie category.

Popular tropes in this subgenre are dolls, mirrors, and houses. Here is what Reddit had to say about the best-cursed object horror movies. 

Oculus is a deep cut of Mike Flanagan's projects. From a biased standpoint, this man is a creative genius. Oculus is nightmare fuel for anyone with a fear of mirrors. If Bloody Mary unnerved you, Oculus will terrify you. 


Another Flanagan fan stated, “I really liked Oculus. It was really unique that when it started, you already had someone that knew everything about the cursed object and trying to convince others about it and going crazy trying to destroy it.”

Who doesn't love camp? Drag Me to Hell centers around a bank employee who refuses to grant a loan to an older woman. The woman despises this choice, and she imparts a curse on behalf of the worker. 

Drag Me to Hell

Drag Me To Hell should be a staple for all future curse/cursed object films,” this Drag Me to Hell stan shared their thoughts on the campy classic. “Hopefully, it'll show some directors and writers that a little comedy can go a long way in horror, and it doesn't take away from the horror it portraits.”

Another satirical camp, Cabin in the Woods, places five teenagers in a rustic cabin in the middle of nowhere. Like Evil Dead, the teenagers soon learn that the house and everything surrounding it is not all it seems.

Cabin in the Woods

Wow, those pants are killer! The most crucial character in Slaxx is not a person but rather the deadly pair of pants tormenting employees at a clothing store. Slaxx offers a brand new (hilarious) twist on the cursed object subgenre.


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