The Most Expensive Colleges in America Story

Community colleges or scholarships may be necessary options for some individuals and families, while others are apt to shell out big bucks for an education they perceive as superior.

Here is a compilation of the ten most expensive colleges in America as of March 2022, sourced from CBS News and supplemented with further research.

Wellesley College

Excluding financial aid, Wellesley College costs students about $76,220 annually. Wellesley College is one of the top womens' liberal arts colleges in America.

University of Chicago

As America’s most pricey four-year university, a year at the University of Chicago will run you $76,302.

A year at Northwestern costs students $76,317 per year. Northwestern University is considered a research school, striving to keep students on the cutting edge of new information and discovery across a broad spectrum of disciplines.

Northwestern University

Brown University

Brown has a 7% acceptance rate, charging $76,476 annually for the selected few. Brown’s unique open curriculum encourages students to forge their own creative academic paths with the facilitation of faculty.

Another Ivy League University to make this list, a Dartmouth College student, can expect to pay $76,480 per year. Dartmouth has a 7:1 undergraduate student-to-faculty ratio and an 8% acceptance rate.

Dartmouth College

Tufts University

Ranked as one of the best schools for art in America, Tufts University runs $76,492 in tuition per year. Tufts is renowned for academic excellence, offering over 90 undergraduate majors and hosting impressive research initiatives.

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