The 15 Most Iconic 80s Board Games

The 1980s remain the best decade for toys and games, especially for those of us who lived through them as children.

But it was also a fine decade for board games, which TV commercials relentlessly advertised – and we all enjoyed playing them with our families, whether on special occasions like Christmas or random evenings.

This piece will take you through fifteen of the decade's most famous and iconic board games. We'll include games created before and during the 80s, as long as they were popular between 1980 and 1989.

The game sees two to four players initially cooperating to build a working mouse trap in a Rube Goldberg machine style. After that, they turn against each other and try to trap each other's mouse-shaped game pieces.

Mouse Trap

Each player is assigned a small plastic car piece, which takes them on their journey. Incorporated events can include college, jobs, marriage, and children. Depending on the version, up to six people can participate in a single game.

Game of Life

The Game of Knowledge is a trivia game in which players attempt to travel from Earth at the center of the game board, through space, via the other six planets (including Pluto back then), to the fictional planet Galaxia by answering a series of questions correctly.

Game Of Knowledge

In the game, two players have battleships marked on ruled grids, and they must take shots (in the form of guesses) to destroy each other's fleets.


HeroQuest is an adventure board game in which four players can take on the role of either a Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf, or Wizard and fight their way through dungeons and monsters and, ultimately, attempt to defeat an evil wizard called Morcar or Zargon.


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