The Most Important Part of Any Job Application — According to a Recruiter

Yes, it’s important to optimize your LinkedIn profile and tweak your resume for every single job you apply to.

But it may come as a surprise to you that the single most important thing you can do to land yourself a job has to do with a tiny, often-missed question found on many organizations' job applications: “Were you referred to XYZ Company?”

And before you automatically assume that you don’t know a single person at XYZ company, consider if you at least know someone who knows someone.

When you’ve identified at least one person who can vouch for you, alert them that you’ve applied. Yes, apply before reaching out for a recommendation because all good recruiters will force you through the appropriate channels before moving forward with your candidacy.

LinkedIn Makes This Very Easy.

this has to do with federal and/or internal reporting purposes. Simply explain to them that you recently submitted an application for the XYZ role at XYZ company and attach your resume.

Then, kindly request that they pass along your name to the hiring manager responsible for the role.

And before you feel exhausted at all of the legwork involved in answering that one question on a job application, consider these stats from Jobvite and ERE: –

– 78% of recruiters rank referrals as the best source for quality hires. – After two years, retention of referred employees is 45% compared to 20% from job boards.

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