The Most Underrated NES Games

With so many titles out there, it was easy for a lot of Nintendo Entertainment System games to go unnoticed. 

No need for cartridges, fire up your favorite video game console emulator and check out these underrated retro video games. 

Tiny Toon Adventures

Playing as the younger version of many looney toons favorites from the TV series, you work your way through some surprising tough stages, but overall fun gameplay. 

P.O.W. Prisoners of War

You play as a hero who needs to bust out of a military prison. You then go on to take on the rest of the cold war era bad guys beating up every one of them in your way. Overall a really fun game to play. 

The Guardian Legend

A typical “earth is going to be blown up by aliens” storyline, Guardian Legend mixes both the shoot ‘em up and adventure style of gameplay, keeping you engaged throughout the game. 

Wario Woods

One of the first, if not the first NES to feature the Bizzaro Mario, Wario, Wario Woods takes its main game style from Mario too. The game is very similar to Dr. Mario with the matching\puzzle-like gameplay.