The Office 10 Episodes With the Best Vibes

Redditor u/hushpolocaps69 asked, “Which Office episode gives off the best vibes? I think most of the Holiday episodes and Pam and Jim's wedding episodes.”

They continued, “My absolute favorite best vibe episode would be the Christmas one where they all get drunk. But so many highlights of this episode, including Meredith flashing Michael. Then him taking a pic!”

Redditors responded with these ten fan favorites they deem the best vibe episodes of the series.

Dunderfrickinmifflin nominated, “Michaels Last Dundies. Just so much vibe between Ryan not getting hottest in the office and Michael and Deangelo going door to door.”

Michael's Last Dundies – Season 7 Episode 25

In “Broke,” the Michael Scott Paper Company is broke and tries to keep it a secret from Dunder Mifflin, mainly because they stole several of their clients.  However, Dunder Mifflin offers a buyout, and Michael makes a play to get back his, Pam (Jenna Fischer), and Ryan's jobs.

Broke – Season 5 Episode 25

In “Company Picnic,” Michael plans to win Holly back at the company picnic while creating the “SlumDunder Mifflinaire” skit with her. The rest of the gang competes in a volleyball game. 

Company Picnic – Season 5 Episode 28

In “A Benihana Christmas,” Michael gets dumped after he defaced her ex-husband's photo by putting his head on his body in a family portrait. 

A Benihana Christmas – Season 3 Episode 10  (2-Parts)

The Office episode titled “Garage Sale” is the episode where Michael proposes to Holly. Everyone in the office is lined up with candles as Michael and Holly make their way to her office. They each ask Holly to marry them, but they all say no.

Garage Sale – Season 7 Episode 19

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