How to Commit The Perfect Murder

– According to Best Selling Authors

Authors, specifically mystery authors, read, research, and use their imaginations to determine the best way to end a person’s life.

Several of today’s famous authors share their perspectives on how to get away with murder. Interestingly, each person has a different idea of the perfect kill.

Just ask George Dawes Green, the author of the Kingdoms of Savannah: A Novel.

Deflecting Motive

Known for The Juror, on which the 1996 movie of the same name was based, Green said he has always enjoyed studying the nature of crime – specifically homicides. “I am interested in how murders are pulled off and how they are successful."

"To me, the perfect murder is the one that completely illuminates the person who does the murdering and completely illuminates the place in which the murder takes – the environment,” he said.

After writing for decades, he believes he has found the best way to commit a murder. “People look for motive more than anything,” Green said. “I would say – a perfect murder should look like a suicide. You need to deflect people’s search for motive.”

Author Margo Harrison’s newest book, We Made It All Up, came out in July 2022. She knew what she would do if she needed to kill – which is something she would never actually do, of course!

Accident Means No Crime

But, in that situation, she would get someone to go to a high place, like a cliff, and then push the person off it. Besides having police think it was an accident, there is no murder weapon.

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