The Power of Carrie Fisher Came From Her Words

Carrie Fisher is someone that most associate with Star Wars

Their love for her comes from their love for Princess Leia and there isn’t anything wrong with that but it does erase some of the power that Fisher had. 

While she was a strong role model for many of us growing up, there’s a beauty and a strength in Carrie Fisher’s words that make her the strong woman we all know and love. 

Outside of her acting, she was a prominent author and wrote such quotes as “take your broken heart, make it into art,” that Meryl Streep gave to us after Fisher passed.

It's just a snippet of why I, personally, think that Carrie Fisher’s power comes from her words, not her performance of Princess Leia. 

There is something beautiful in the way that Carrie spoke about her life that makes everything she said that much more inspiring.