The Push to Making NFT Games Affordable

Many investors are bullish on the long-term growth potential of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) gaming. Yet the high cost of entry has created a bottleneck that keeps mass adoption at bay and puts a lid on the explosive potential of the ecosystem.

Although cryptocurrencies and NFTs are often lauded as more inclusive, democratic, and egalitarian than traditional financial assets, their implementation has not always lived up to the marketing hype.

There is a slew of other issues related to NFT gaming. Some are unrelated to pricing, such as the shallowness of game design or the general animosity traditional gamers feel toward the space.

To Infinity And Beyond?

The rise and fall of Axie Infinity embodies the promise and perils of the NFT gaming ecosystem as it stands today.

Several new initiatives and projects are trying new models to lower players' startup costs. These projects could prove vital in forging a path forward.

New Solution

This month's launch of a new NFT marketplace by legacy brick-and-mortar gaming outlet GameStop is chief among them. The marketplace aims to reduce the cost of using NFTs in games dramatically.

GameStop will achieve this by partnering with Ethereum Layer-2 application Immutable-X, whose StarkEx zero-knowledge proof scaling solution can bundle thousands of blockchain transactions into one, thereby lowering gas fees for players.

For its part, Immutable X has established a fund worth $100 million for NFT creators. It is also offering $150 million's worth of IMX itokens, (Immutable's native token) to be unlocked as the project's milestones are reached.

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