The Queen’s Corgis: How Many Are There and What Will Happen to Them?

As news spread about Queen Elizabeth’s death, many dog lovers like myself immediately thought about her beloved corgis. And, if you’re like my 13-year-old, you may have even asked yourself “Can we adopt one of the Queen’s corgis?”

Well, before you go searching on Petfinder for “corgis in London” there are a few things you should know. And, don’t get your hopes up. Something else I told my teen.

It is not entirely clear how many is the highest amount of corgis that Queen Elizabeth owned at one time.

How Many Corgis Does the Queen Have?

People around the globe found the corgis to be as interesting as the Queen herself. They even have their own wikipedia page!

It is widely reported that the Queen owned Pembroke corgis. However, looking at the many many pictures online, you can see that some of them were Cardigans. She obviously preferred the orange (actually called Red) Pembroke variety, but owned many others as well.

What Kind of Corgis Did the Queen Own?

Typically, the Pembroke Welsh corgi does not have a tail and has a shorter coat. Cardigan Welsh Corgis have a tail and a longer coat. Both come in several different colors.

Well, she’s now deceased of course. But, you never would have seen Queen Elizabeth outside with a pooper scooper or poop bag, following after her dogs.

Who Takes Care of the Queen’s Corgis?

Of course, she had people for that. While she loved her corgis and took them with her to as many places as she could, the care and feeding of the dogs was a task that her staff did.

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