The Reason Why So Many People Work on Multiple Jobs 

What at first glance seems to be a great resignation, was, in many cases, something much bleaker and more chaotic. 

A significant number of people did not so much resign, as quit one employer to work multiple jobs. The new normal centers around Remote Work Mania. 

In 2020, the pandemic upended how we work. Remote work changed how businesses approached their business plans. 

Remote work gave us the opportunity to work more hours – seemingly making more money. But overworking still has the same health issues – except maybe driving home late and tired. 

How the American worker could take back their agency was discussed on Reddit under discussion about the Dropped Day Plan, a proposal for Americans to come together and demand a four-day workweek – by not showing up five days a week. 

It works – as a concept. But as more than one Redditor put it, “If people cannot afford to live off their current wages, how can they afford to live off 20% less? How does one nicely ask to work only four days?” 

Suddenly two vastly diverse groups of workers existed: the over-employed and the overworked. A new user on Reddit posted to r/Overemployed, “I currently work full time in healthcare. I have too much free time and would like nothing else than a second job. Someone recommended I try you guys. Any advice?” 

Redditors working many jobs ascribed to the same theme; economic situations and aggravation have beleaguered the thoughts of many overworked Americans: 

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