Review: ‘The Royal Treatment’ is a Sweet Yet Eyebrow-Raising Rom-Com

After making a name for themselves as a go-to destination for formulaic and oh-so-addictive holiday rom-coms, Netflix has decided to branch out and make this a year-round venture with their latest offering, The Royal Treatment

The story of The Royal Treatment is one that any self-respecting fan of rom-coms can predict a mile away. 

Tough-as-nails yet kindhearted hairdresser Isabelle (Laura Marano) dreams of seeing the world, but the realities of owning a business in New York, not to mention an exploitative landlord and a mother who wants to keep her close at all times, mean her dream is getting further and further away. 

Things change when visiting royal Prince Thomas (Mena Massoud) requires a last-minute haircut and his valet Walter mistakenly calls Isabelle’s salon instead of a similarly-named higher-end location, and offers to pay her $500 for her services. 

Though she leaps at the opportunity, Thomas’s disregard for those who work in his household staff enrages the equality-minded Isabelle and she storms off. 

Because this is love at first snark — though, of course, he won’t admit it — Thomas pursues Isabelle back to her salon, and the two strike up a friendship.