Let ‘The Walking Dead’ Die in Peace, AMC

The hasty ending of the TWD comics in June of 2019 came as a shock for unprepared readers, many of whom had been along for the entire 16-year ride.

Personally, I had only taken the plunge about five months prior, after a few failed attempts to start the series.

As a day one fan of the AMC series, binging the comics left me disappointed in how the very public disagreements between cast members, showrunners, and network executives had created such a deep schism between the on-screen story and its source material.

Recently, the news dropped that there would be yet another spinoff from the original The Walking Dead series, Isle of the Walking Dead.

The new chapter will be set in Manhattan and led on-screen by Cohan’s Maggie and Negan, who is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, two characters who canonically strongly dislike one another.

This feels like a Star Warsesque cash grab. AMC is insistent upon expanding this universe far beyond where anyone asked for it to go while straying farther and farther from whence it came.

Although the original series is coming to a close, the creators and network heads seem to have chosen to continue their path of oversaturation. Sometimes you have to know when enough is enough.

For me, The Walking Dead died suddenly and peacefully three years ago in a little cabin on the cover of issue 193 of the comic series with a satisfying end befitting its heroes.

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