The Warning Signs of Online Job Scams: 6 Ways to Spot Them

Working online has become increasingly common as the pandemic-induced economy pushed millions to relocate to the digital world. 

As a result, the rise of online job scams has also increased. Cybercrime is  become a critical issue for many job seekers looking to jump back into the workforce, and the frustrations that go along with it are endless. 

How do you protect yourself and your identity with so much uncertainty about falling victim to a potential job scam? 

Ambiguous Job Listings and Requirements

If you feel as if there is not much information available, do some research on the company's website to see what they have posted on their careers board. 

Minimal Information Available on the Company or Employer

Before you apply for any job, it's always good to do some online research about a company or business. Look for relevant information about your new potential employer. 

Unprofessional Email Addresses and Minimal Contact Information

Most emails sent between a company and the outside world are conducted via company-related email addresses. These will usually include the company name or an abbreviation thereof. 

It's Looking Too Good To Be True

Trusting your instinct is the best way to spot a potential scam. For example, if a job offers perks that seem too good to be true, you may want to take some time before applying. 

Applications Require You To Share A lot of Personal Information

It may seem vague, but companies will usually not require a lot of personal details or information if they're considering hiring you. 

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